Those who know me best know that for several years (2001-2006) I had a very special outdoor friend who I called My Girl, a wild doe who befriended me in her younger years. 

Each summer, My Girl would bring her new babies to me so I could admire them.  While she was pregnant with them, I would rub her belly and talk to them.  It seems they might have known my voice when they finally entered this world!

My Girl was wild but she trusted me, quite an honor for a human being to have.  She loved eating corn, birdseed and rye bread.  Also apple slices that I prepared for her, saving the best (the core!) for last.  I fed her by hand; she became that trusting of me and knew my goodwill towards her was honest and permanent ...a true thing that could be counted on.

Being a deer in the wild is a perilous life.  Especially when surrounded by State gamelands, which encircle our home.  My Girl - and many others - sensed the safety on our property, but they were wild and free... and roamed, sometimes too far.

I lost My Girl to rifle hunting season in December 2006.

Here, these many years later, I still miss her and can even still feel, in my mind's eye, the texture of her fur. 

It is a loss I don't think I will ever fully recover from.

But one thing I know for certain:  It was a privilege to have had her as my friend for as long as I did.  I thank God for that experience.  And I also know I will see My Girl, and all my other wild friends who have passed on, again... when I cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  I know they will be there to greet me and we'll be together again forever.

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"See our world through the eyes of the innocent"